Subway actually has a good brand story to tell. It just did not communicate this story with its customers. I did a small touch up, with my main goal being telling theirbrand story. Subway to maybe many their surprise is a very sustainable, eco-friendly and socially aware company.

I went for a industrial/biological look and feel and basically just made sure their story was being told in every shape or form from their interior to their wrapping. There is no harm in showing off, if you have a good story to tell!



Microsoft Word - subwaymeatbord.doc




Knorr was loosing its popularity thanks to the green/clean food revolution. So the big question was: how could we increase sales without touching its well known formula? One of my go-to tactics is grabbing the attention of children. If a child screams and begs their parents for Knorr most parents will do so. I created a cook book for little chefs filled with Knorr recipes but also teaching the little chefs where the produce comes from. The result: an easy, healthy and kid friendly cook book.














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